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2010-07-16 02:39 pm

Atypical Aesthetics: Chapter 1.2

Well guys, here is the next update of Atypical Aesthetics!! Looks like we've finally found someone for Degas...


Chapter 1.2 )


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2010-05-26 09:45 pm

An Awesomely Artistic Legacy!!!!

So, here is my very first legacy guys!!! I've played the Sims for a while, but this is my first time attempting something like this. (I'm sorry if the pictures are a little rough, or the writing choppy.  It's still a bit of a work in progress.  xP)

Intro!! )
So, that's it guys!  I kinda felt like this was really long and drawn out, but I gave it my best shot!  I hope this was entertaining, or, at the least, occasionally smile-inducing.  Tell me what you think, what I need to fix/change, or what you'd like to see next time! 

Bye!  :D