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So, here is my very first legacy guys!!! I've played the Sims for a while, but this is my first time attempting something like this. (I'm sorry if the pictures are a little rough, or the writing choppy.  It's still a bit of a work in progress.  xP)

Our story begins with a young man of the name Edgar Degas.  He is, of course, named for the iconic painter.  Generations to come will be sharing an artist name theme as well (hence being an "Artistic Legacy"  :P ).  But for now, let's talk about Edgar.  

As you can see, he's quite a cheerful fellow.  Must be pretty darn cheerful to be skipping rope as soon as he reaches his new lawn- I mean, home!  "Well *pant* it's fun and keeps you *pant* in shape! *pant*"  Indeed. 
Edgar is a Cancer with personality of 7/3/5/6/5, and he's quite the strange bird.  Now, let's have a look at your new home sweet home Edgar... 

"I hope this is a joke."  Ah, that's what they all say at first.  Really, you shouldn't put the place down.  Look at that view!

A beautiful open field, dotted with lovely trees in the distance, a great view of the horizon...

"And a rock formation that looks like a giant butt."  Now you're just being negative.  Besides, I can't do anything about it.   "I thought you were one of those simself/god/things?"  Well... yeah.  "But then-"  Quiet!  Or you shall have no house for the night.  "..." That's better. 

"That's a house?!"  That's the best you can get with your saving abilities!  Besides, you even have a wall! With a corner!  You get a lot more privacy than some of those other Legacy sims.  "Wait, I didn't sign up to be a Legacy sim!  I have hopes!  I have dreams!  I have art to create!"
  And you'll still have it.  In conjunction with starting a legacy.  ^^ 

And look! There are things behind the wall!  This is pretty posh considering what it could be.  "*sigh*"


It wasn't long before his first guest arrived.  I indicated that Edgar should talk to the kindly looking lady.  "Kindly-looking?  This woman is crazy!"  It wasn't long before I began to believe Edgar.  I swear to God this woman has OCD.  She cleaned her crystal ball at least six times while on the lot. 

However, he greeted her anyway, and they got off to a pretty good start.

After chatting for a while, Degas decided to start working on his painting skills, since he has such big plans and all for his future...

I'd say he looks like he's enjoying himself, what about you?

Edgar then went to search for a job.  He had two career-related wants, apparently being torn between choosing a path in the Cooking field and the Crime field.  I eventually convinced him to go with Cooking since it's somewhat creative and, you know... not illegal.  "Like artists never do anything illegal..." 

While eating breakfast, Edgar noticed that several other sims had started to congregate on his lot.  He went to speak with them.

First he chatted with this strange fellow, whose name I don't remember.  Glad to see someone finally found Edgar's school jokes funny...  (note orb-cleaning gypsy in corner)

And then there was Kaylynn Spitzig.  Edgar was pretty fond of her.  I got excited- this one was actually pretty, and she even had cool clothes.  Edgar clearly agreed. 

They talked a lot and (so I thought) hit it off right away.  Much to Titania Summerdream's dismay, it would seem.

Kaylynn even impressed him with her knowledge of classical Simerian sculpture.  "Yeah, and I was fascinated to learn that the proportions of the work were calculated exactly to create an illusion of..."

I think she impressed him with other things as well.

However, it was not to be.  Apparently Kaylynn was interested in "just being friends" and resisted all of his attempts to impress her. 

Edgar turned away dejectedly as she left the lot.  "I'd say this Legacy is going great all right... *grumble*"  Come on Edgar!  That was only the first try!  You've got plenty of time... 

Meanwhile, as Edgar languished in his failure, Titania Summerdream managed to sneak onto his computer and proceeded to download strange things....  *does not want to know*

After a quick nap to replenish his low energy levels, Edgar decided to vent out his frustration through the medium he was so fond of- paint.  Umm, Edgar?  "What?"  I hope that's not meant to be Kaylynn... or a human, for that matter...  "Bah!  Ridiculous die-hard realists!  This is self-expression!  This is meaningful abstraction of the Sim form!  This is art! *sniffle*"  Indeed. 

However, it wasn't long before he was joined by a friend who lifted his spirits.  Edgar played with him for quite some time, trying to forget his sorrows.  I had to remind him to get dressed for work soon... "Work?  Can't you see I'm depressed, seeking comfort in the loving gaze of a smiling dog?"   ...Edgar, I know you're an artist but... this is getting ridiculous.  

He left for work soon regardless.  When he got home, I could see that he was a tired, lonely man. 

After his long day of hard work, rejection, and disappointment, Edgar fell asleep almost instantly, although he seemed to be plagued by strange dreams...

The next day, after breakfast, Edgar finished his painting in a final fit of depression.  It eventually sold for a grand total of 5 simoleons.  "First painting in my career, and I'm already broke and depressed."  ...Yeah?  That's usually how it goes....

He eventually managed to forget his sorrows when another guest came to his yard.  "Ahem."  I mean house.

La Shawn Cameron, while not quite another Kaylynn, seemed like a likely candidate.  She laughed at Edgar's lame jokes, and even listened intently while he rambled about his hobbies.

"I just know it!  She's the one!"  Eh, if you say so...

But, alas, he was rejected once again.  Turns out La Shawn wasn't much into the whole art scene, and left Edgar standing alone with nothing but his oils.  Well, I guess you could say sitting alone, with nothing but his pj's and lunch.  "Hey!  Constant rejection is pretty tiring!"  Well, again you're going to have to change before you go to work.

I didn't want to make him, but I knew Edgar needed to go back to work again.  And turns out it paid off!  Despite his issues, Edgar managed to be promoted on his second night of work!  Just look at that spiffy uniform!

Tired and disappointed, Edgar went to bed alone for the second time.  "Boolprop! Do you have to rub it in??"  Sorry, sorry...

As an extra "stinker" to a terrible day already, we had a rather nasty-looking skunk stalking the property all night.  Luckily, there were also much more appealing guests as well.  Thus, being the most positive thing on Edgar's lot so far, the fireflies deserved their own frame.

So, that's it guys!  I kinda felt like this was really long and drawn out, but I gave it my best shot!  I hope this was entertaining, or, at the least, occasionally smile-inducing.  Tell me what you think, what I need to fix/change, or what you'd like to see next time! 

Bye!  :D


on 2010-05-30 01:09 am (UTC)
odddude1: (penguin: gasp)
Posted by [personal profile] odddude1
I don't think it was long and drawn out at all! There really weren't that many pictures, despite how it may seem to you (have you SEEN some of my chapters! Over 100 pictures! I hardly think that your less than 40 pictures is too big of a chapter. xD)

I think you're off to a great start. I especially love the rock formation that looks like a butt!

And your theme is solid. Heck, with that list that you've got, you won't run out of names. ;)

I think that you're ready to share this with other people. Link to it on SWG. Advertise on the legacy challenge community on LJ (if you don't know how, I'll show you how to go about doing it, but I think you can get it).

I can't give you any more feedback, tbh. :D

on 2010-06-01 12:14 am (UTC)
odddude1: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] odddude1
Hey, okay, just give me a call when you get the chance, and I'll walk you through it (it'd be easier to explain over the phone than online....).

on 2010-05-31 04:15 am (UTC)
shannonxsilence: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] shannonxsilence
I found this very funny. i liked the part with the rock butt, the computer, and the "stinker". this was good. I'm jealous of your writing skills and creativity. you made me want to start a story of my own :)

on 2010-05-31 09:29 am (UTC)
placetocrash: (matias chile 001)
Posted by [personal profile] placetocrash
Butt Rock, hilarious Savannah.

I'm Lala, btw xD


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