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Well guys, here is the next update of Atypical Aesthetics!! Looks like we've finally found someone for Degas...


So, last time we saw Edgar, he had been rejected multiple times already.  He was living with no more of a house than part of a wall on his lawn.  Basically, he was living the Simerican dream, right?

Now now, I don't understand your bad attitude.  I just don't think you're trying hard enough.
"I don't think I ought to try any more at this rate."
I guess he's just a little bitter.

"A little bitter?!  I'm living on a patch of grass, alone!! I'm broke and-"
Well that last bit wouldn't be the case if you wouldn't keep skipping work and getting yourself fired! 
"I can't paint with all those stresses."
You're going to have to try.  So I sent him on one of *many* unsuccessful job hunts.
"Oceanography?  That has WAY too many syllables; I just know that will take up my whole schedule."

When another girl passed his house, I made sure he dropped everything to speak to her.  I mean, by now we were getting desperate. 
"We?!  What does that mean?"
Just shut up and talk to the girl.

Things seemed to be going well.  She seemed to be interested in his pointless conversation.  Poor Edgar even went out on a major limb to try and talk about sports...
"A major limb?"
Well, let's face it, you're an artist, not a soccer player.  But let's keep that to ourselves.

However, yet again it was not to be, and the dark-haired stranger let him standing alone yet again.
"Don't be so melodramatic." 
Right, because you're certainly not... Besides, she was a little scary anyways.  I can't decide if that stain on her shirt is grease or blood.

Once again, Edgar took his frustrations to the canvas.
"This is ridiculous.  I knew some 'legacy challenge' was going to be a failure from the start.  Why can't you just leave me in peace?"
Actually, I had almost considered it until...

Yet another lady stopped by the Degas residence, who went by the name of April.
I like this one, Edgar.  April was when I was born.
"What does that matter?!"

"Besides, why even bother?  We all know how this is going to end; exactly like all the other times."
However, despite Edgar's whining, I forced encouraged him to speak to April.

They seemed to get along fairly well.  She enjoyed talking to him...

She laughed at his jokes...

Edgar finally seemed genuinely interested. 
"You may have been right..."
*Sigh*  I guess all genius is recognized too late...

In fact, I'd say they got along extremely well.  One thing led to another...

And to another.  This had become an all-day wooing process, but frankly, it was worth it for Edgar, who certainly hadn't gotten this far before.

In fact, Edgar was so caught up in his affairs with April that he failed to notice the very unpleasant repo man who came to take revenge on him for missing his bills.  *Ahem*
Ah well, I think the guy repossessed a tree anyway, so it wasn't exactly a big deal.

I'd say Edgar didn't seem to mind either.

"So, April, I know this all seems very fast, but... would you marry me?"
"Of course!"

And there we have it.  They were engaged and married immediately, in a very tiny and very private ceremony under the stars (which I failed to record in pictures seeing as I was so distracted that I forgot to turn off the cutscenes until later.  :/  *facepalm*) 

Later, with the money April brought in, Edgar would be able to finally have a complete house, with a window and everything.

But for now, I left the two to... take care of some unfinished business.

"I would be much happier if you actually left."
Well, unfortunately for the both of us, I have to stick around no matter what.

The next morning, April updated her look a little, and the Degas family upgraded to carpet floors and a new bed.

"I don't know about this... What if I'm not ready to be a father yet?  I mean, I still don't have a job, and there isn't any room, and-"
We'll... cross that bridge when we get to it.

"BLEARGH    ...I think we've reached the bridge."
Good Boolprop April, I've never seen vomit that color before... I guess you're right.

Nevertheless, that morning April dressed and left for work anyway, although I have to say I'd never expected a Romance sim to have a military career.  *shrugs*  

Not for long, however.  It wasn't long before April's pregnancy became obvious and she had to take off for maternity leave. 

As winter set in, the two stay-at-home parents-to-be *coughEDGARGETAJOBcough* managed to stay happy together.  They were as normal and functional as... anyone could expect, I guess.

The mornings were spent with light-hearted chatter about global warming and world peace.

April took advantage of her time off to enjoy the family computer.  A military career holds little fun for a Romance sim, I suppose.
Edgar spent the days working on a... very special work.

All in all, the Degas (that is a very hard name to pluralize, I now see) days were very peaceful and enjoyable.

However, I don't think that taking out the trash in your underwear after a nightfall snow is exactly good parenting.  Kudos for trying to be clean, but I might have to keep an eye on you.

However, this peaceful family would have its ups and downs.

It was a cold winter morning in Veronaville when Edgar first noticed a very attractive neighbor.  I wasn't too happy about it.

Neither was April.  It didn't take her, a Romance sim herself, long to see what was going on.  She was quick to bid the new guest, who had made herself quite at home, a swift goodbye.

I'd say April is quite pleased with taking care of a potential homewrecker. 

In fact, she would later work the woman into the novel she had been working on for some time as well-worn hussy who met an untimely death.


However, April had her share of admirers too, whether she was aware of it or not.  Umm, Edgar, wouldn't it be a good idea to come take care of this creeper?

Yeah, I'd say it's definitely time for him to leave. 

Luckily, April was too fascinated with some silly game where she created and controlled virtual people (I'll never understand it) and ignored him until he left.  So, Edgar was never torn from this... lovely painting of a... Edgar, what in the name of Boolprop is that thing?
"It's a cat."
...Indeed.  We're sticking to paintings I pick for you from now on.

However, in the end everything seemed to work out just fine.  The couple was a very happy one, even if they didn't do dishes quite as often as they should.

Before long, they had somehow managed to acquire enough money to redecorate and build a house.  Yes!  That's right!  An entire house, with multiple rooms!  Unfortunately, the addition of a nursery meant that for now, the kitchen/living room/dining room/bathroom would have to remain a single room.

Edgar seemed very happy with his comfortable family life.  Even if it had taken days (entire DAYS!) of living on a patch of grass, he now had everything he could ask for:  a beautiful wife, a comfortable house, and a fairly successful side-job (no, that CANNOT count as a career!) as a painter.

It wasn't long before he started to work on what he assured me was his "greatest work yet."
Anything compared to that ridiculous excuse for a cat would impress me at this point.
"Trust me, this is a big deal."

The next day started a little less peacefully.  The household was woken an hour early by the cries of someone in pain.
"A little help please?!"
I hate to say it, but there isn't much I can do for you.
"But I thought you were a god or something?!  And you mean you can't help- ARGGHH"
Fortunately her rants were cut short.

Besides, I'm sure Edgar would be willing to help you.  Wouldn't he?
 He seemed to consider it for a moment.

But instead, he decided he would rather make the bed.  A for effort buddy, but I think April's going to kill you when this is over with.

After some considerable yelling and cursing, April managed to pull through, delivering a very healthy young boy.
"Isn't he beautiful?"

I dunno, it looks like Edgar's a little apprehensive.

Nah, he's just trying to get a good picture to paint.  Aww...

And so, into this world came young Toulouse Degas, with his father's hair and eyes (d'oh) and his mother's skin.  After some discussion, Edgar decided on naming the child after another French painter, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. 

Now, the first Degas child has been born, the family has an entire functional house, and everything is at peace.  Or is it?

Somewhere else in Veronaville....

"So, how long before the boss is coming back?"
"We've already discussed that.  It won't be much longer."
"Good.  We can't do anything until he comes back."

"Hey, look on the bright side.  At least he took that bumbling idiota with him.  Frankly, I'm not complaining."

"You have a point.  But why did he have to leave in the first place?"

"He didn't really specify.  All I know is that before he sent us to find a place for the council, he left with W. to go retrieve something."

"Alors, do you zink zat he will be pleased wiz what we haf done wiz ze place?"

"I mean, mon dieu, he deed not give very specific guidelines.  And our cloze.  Zey are not quite what I was expecting."
"Don't worry, if he finds our work unsatisfactory, then it won't take much work to change it up.  It's his fault anyway, for being absent when we might need him most."

"Don't be so overdramatic.  It's all cool.  No one's going to have to fix anything."

"So, we wait for now?  I don't suppose we really have anything else to do.  Perhaps we could spend our time adjusting to this strange new world."

"I zink zat is probably ze best idea.  I say we declare zis first unofficial meeting adjourned."



*dun-dun-dunnnnnn*  What could this mean?  A secret council taking place in Veronaville?  Who are these strange people?  Why does one seem incapable of speaking clearly?  What could this mean for the Degas family?

We will have to see next time.  ;)


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Oh HELL yes.

I still get to be H.'s bitch, right? ;)

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Oh hell fucking yes!

I've got some great stuff planned out, you'll have to let me help you with this, it's just too funny for me to sit back and do nothing. ;)

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Update! PLEASE!!!!!!! xD


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